At PGYRA we put a lot of focus on training our athlete's to a very high standard of fundamentals. We strongly believe in taking full advantage of each girl getting the opportunity to play at the next level. In order to do that our coaches travel several times a year to Vancouver to learn new training techniques and hold as many camps as possible from guest coaches. Those coaches have included Dean Murten, head coach UBC  womens Thunderbirds, Terry Lok, UBC division 1 player, Sarah MacVicar, Harvard University, Itagia Lapana,, semi pro player Somoa, Andrea Burk, team Canada and Kia Burvold, Abbostford club.




Jeremy Cundy one of the main founders of PGYRA has been a part of Prince George youth rugby since 2013 and currently holds a level 2 certification through rugby Canada. Jeremy Cundy has worked over the past two years under the mentorship of UBC Thunderbirds head coach Dean Murten. He comes from a wrestling and soccer backgroud with over 25 years coaching experience.


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